...emotional eating, binge eating, lack of willpower,

yo-yo dieting or overeating.

I suspect you're tired of feeling crazy around food, obsessed about your weight, and desperately want to find sanity and freedom around what you eat and life in general.


Here, you won't find tips to have more willpower, smoothie recipes or detox plans. 

I help women find freedom and joy around food through deep emotional exploration, re-learning how to eat, and an enhanced attunement to their bodies. I want to help you take charge of your life by developing self-awareness, self-responsibility, and freedom of choice.

I offer an approach rooted in leading insights and tools from eastern and western thought on how to actualize emotional, mental, and physical well-being. My work and programs are based on extensive research in psychology, neuroscience, and contemplative practices.



Who would you be if you could trust yourself around (all) food?



"I'm so much more AWARE of my body's signals"

I love to eat and share good food with my family and friends, but felt varying degrees of guilt, powerlessness, helplessness, and control when it comes to the decisions I make around food and the way that my body looks as a result.  Lina is truly amazing! She is a great listener, and is able to hone in on themes buried in my stories and thoughts that I didn't even realize were there. I feel empowered to eat what my body wants based on nourishment rather than the number of carbs or calories. I am so much more AWARE of my body's signals and the influences that my life and surroundings (in the past and future) have had on my thinking around health and food. 


"There is a clear marker in my life that's a bit of an unusual milestone - there is before and after I started working with Lina"

She was a powerful resource for understanding my issues with food, and my life as a whole is much more calmer. She's honest, authentic, vibrant, and inspiring. It's funny to think how much I tortured myself on a mental hamster wheel of dieting.

I had no idea this different option of wellness and authenticity existed. Thank you, Lina, for introducing me and guiding me down this path.


"I had never questioned what I wanted for me, my relationship with food and my body"

Working with Lina helped me gain awareness of myself, my emotions, and the reasons why I desire to binge eat. I now can listen to myself and my body and know what I have to offer...understanding, love, compassion, rest. The process with Lina has meant being able to slow down in my life, eating better to nourish myself and not seeing food as the enemy. I never thought that at the end of this process my fridge and pantry would be full with a greater variety of foods.

I really liked Lina's approach. There was a clear methodology and specific tasks to be done in order to see the changes and achieve results (not weight loss, but quality of life). It is important that the person who is coaching me has been through the same experiences.

Lina is a clear example of how to walk the path of self-knowledge and overcome the obstacles to be the best version of ourselves. Her sessions are characterized by understanding, absence of judgment, guidance, reflection, and action.




Lina Salazar  |   Washington, DC

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