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As the founder of Live Well and creator of the Food Sanity program, Lina coaches women and companies to harness internal tools to experience a mindset shift in how they think about food, their bodies and well-being. Drawing on personal life events associated with bulimia and binge eating, Lina empowers individuals to lead a life lead by self-awareness, self-responsibility, and freedom of choice.


Lina’s unconventional approach begins with the belief that there is no physical solution to a mental and emotional core issue. No number on the scale or reflection in the mirror can satisfy feelings of resentment, powerlessness, or complete loss of control. And there is no way to be at ease with your body until you accept that you do not need to be physically altered.






















Lina’s teachings took over two decades to compile, long before she became a certified health coach. An internal battle with food developed by age 14, beginning with four-hour workouts and spiraling into feelings of pure insanity around food.


To an outsider looking in, Lina’s life translated to pure success. She earned two post graduate degrees from top schools in the United States and Europe. She built a career in international development, moving to some of the world’s most coveted cities, including Paris, New York, and Washington, DC.


She accomplished every benchmark set in front of her from a professional standpoint, but never gained what she dreamt about in her personal life. In her mind, a sane relationship with food, a stable relationship, a nourished body, honest connection with friends, and work that fulfilled her added up to a happy, healthy life.


—All of which seemed inexplicably out of reach until she realized her relationship with food stood between her and everything on her personal wish list.


That realization came with an unprecedented willingness to do “whatever it took” to heal her relationship with food; a deep sense of self-responsibility. After two decades of failed therapy sessions, Prozac prescriptions, hypnosis, and even meeting a monk, Lina experienced the mindset shift that began her recovery. For arguably the first time in her life, feeling sane was more valuable than controlling the food on her plate or size of her body.


Today, Lina transmits the same lessons and tools to individuals fighting the same, seemingly hopeless battle she fought for half her life. With relatable analogies, practical application, and a little tough love, Lina brings clients to the same pivotal realization she once learned: That the detrimental relationship you have with food is a mental block standing between you and everything you want in life.


Lina resides in Washington, DC where she shares a loving, stable relationship with her husband. She enjoys working out for less than an hour a day and cheerfully keeps chocolate stocked in her cupboards.


Lina holds two MPAs (Master of Public Administration), from Sciences Po in Paris and Columbia University in New York; and is an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. She speaks Spanish, English, Portuguese and French. 


In line with her passion with real food and sustainability, Lina is a Board Member at FRESHFARM, a non-profit based in D.C.

Lina is also the co-host of The Big Life podcast on Full Service Radio, broadcasting live from the lobby of The Line Hotel in Washington D.C.


Learn more about Lina on LinkedIn. And listen to her on pineapple radio, Lunch Agenda, The Unbreakable You podcast and A-Cup.

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Lina Salazar  |   Washington, DC


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