If you want a ‘quick fix,’ or a diet plan, Live Well is NOT for you.


If you are willing to take action outside your comfort zone, take charge of your life and are ready to invest time and resources in deep emotional and mental exploration, you're in the right place.

If you...

  • Think about food all the time

  • Feel shame, guilt or fear when you eat

  • Think your problem is that you don't have willpower or self-control

  • Over exercise because you ate too much 

  • Say no to fun dates and dinners with friends because you fear the food

  • Feel frustrated about your body shape and size

  • Have been on and off diets for years (every diet!)

  • Binge alone and cry

  • Notice that the sadness around food impacts your mood and relationships at work/home

  • Are exhausted of the fight that takes place in your mind 

  • Fight with the way your body looks, and see it as an impediment to professional success or stable relationships 

And you want to...​

  • Be able to enjoy food and people around you

  • Not be obsessed with dieting and restriction

  • Forgive yourself when you eat too much and don’t try to “correct” it for the sake weight-loss...just like normal people do

  • Accept that sometimes the “cake” is the right thing to eat

  • Value yourself again

  • Be fine with your body...and maybe like it

  • Be able to relax and break the [eating] rules

  • Feel sane around food

  • Experience mental clarity and awareness

  • Move to feel strong and alive (not to burn calories)

  • Learn how to slow down

  • Transform the emotions behind the act of eating

  • Not have your weight and what you eat for lunch determine whether you're satisfied with life or not.​

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