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All services are available in Spanish and English.

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Mindfulness and meditation practices help employees build the necessary awareness to make wiser choices in every aspect of their lives. These practices support employees with:

- Habit formation/change

- Stress management

- Productivity and performance

- Anxiety

- Relationships at work and at home

- Movement (physical activity)

- Food choices

- Resilience

- Emotional awareness

- Self-esteem

All services are available in English and Spanish.

Available as workshops, back to back mini-meditation sessions, individual meditation session.

Perfect for companies, health fairs, and wellness programs.

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The current approach to corporate well-being is weight-centric, which encourages disordered eating.


I offer consulting services around weight-inclusive approaches to corporate well-being, Health at Every Size, and weight-neutrality to companies who are interested in a different approach that ensures healthy outcomes in the long-term and cares for the individual's overall health. 


Perfect for companies, marketing agencies, health fair coordinators, healthcare companies, and insurance companies.

All services available in English and Spanish.

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Lina Salazar  |   Washington, DC

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