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Most people spend 1/3 of their lives at work. That is 90,000 hours over a lifetime.

The best places to work in the United States today make employees' well-being a top priority.

Live Well sparks the necessary mental shift so employees think differently about their body, food and well-being, and teaches them a real and sustainable approach to living well.

Live Well changes the wellness paradigm for a more gentle, holistic and realistic approach through meditation and customized workshops. 


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Workshops and Programs

All services are available in Spanish and English.

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Mindfulness and meditation practices help employees build the necessary awareness to make wiser choices in every aspect of their lives. These practices support employees with:

- Habit formation/change

- Stress management

- Productivity and performance

- Anxiety

- Relationships at work and at home

- Movement (physical activity)

- Food choices


Choose from:


  • "Demystifying Meditation" Series

This is a 6-workshop series that simplify meditation and teaches employees the basics of this powerful practice. Includes demos and materials. Topics include: debunking myths, the behind the scenes of meditation, meditation to overcome rumination, meditation at the table, meditation to forgive. Ideal for: pioneering and innovative companies interested in supporting long-term behavior change and lowering stress levels among the employees. 

  • Meditation session

This is a 1-hour meditation session where employees learn the basics of meditation, two to three easy, simple practices to implement in their daily lives. Ideal for: companies, health fairs, employee activities, offsite retreats, among others.

  • Mini-Meditations

This a block of 1-hour dedicated to back to back guided, short meditations. Ideal for: companies, health fairs, employee activities, offsite retreats, among others.

All services are available in English and Spanish.

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Low participation in health and wellness corporate activities is due to stigma and shame around health and well-being (e.g. Not wanting to be seen as too stressed, or shame around weight, etc).

To minimize this, all of these workshops can be complemented with
at least 4 hours of in-house 1-1 health coaching. These are structured as 30-min back to back individual sessions with each employee to secure private, individualized attention.

All services are available in Spanish & English. 

  • "The Live Well System" Series


This is a series of TED talk-style workshops designed to support employees' desires to change their behavior. It includes hands-on individual and group activities, materials, one-on-one health coaching for each employee, and follow up support.

  • One time workshop

These are 1-hour, TED talk-style workshops that includes smart content and hands-on tools that nudge employees to take steps to improve their well-being. Topics include: redefining wellness, intuitive eating, the power of behavior transformation, slowing down practices, quick+nourishing meals in 10 minutes.

  • "How is your relationship with food and your body impacting your leadership potential?"[Special session for women]

Women are under pressure. The one that comes from outside, and the one that we ourselves impose. We want to be outstanding professionals and leaders, but also good daughters, good partners, good moms, and good sisters. We want to do everything well, often falling into perfectionism.


The pressure and stress manifest in a complicated relationship with food and weight. This tension around what we eat and our body, negatively impacts our self-esteem and confidence, both in our personal and professional lives. This 75-minute workshop offers women a navigation map to overcome the conflict with food and weight. 

All services available in English and Spanish.

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