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You and I work together for 8 to 12 sessions to help you crack the code of food sanity. Sessions (50 minutes) are held weekly via Google Hangouts*. This option includes books and materials, support via text, quick check-in calls between sessions, and food sanity meditations.  Disponible en español. 

*Face to face upon request

Food Sanity is a research-based 8-week group program for women who want to get to the root of their emotional eating and unwanted habits around food (el programa está disponible en español).

This is a free 5-day mini-course that will give you a taste of the work we do during my flagship 8-week group coaching, Food Sanity ProgramDuring this mini-course, you'll receive 5 mini-lessons, daily practices and support materials each day.

All these services are available in English and Spanish.

This is the self-paced version of the Food Sanity Program.


Lina Salazar  |   Washington, DC

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